Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept 16: Tamara Bisceglia and Federico Paleo. DJ Tine

This week join us at Tango Lounge on Friday for a class and jaw-dropping performance by Tamara and Federico from Forever Tango, Tango X 2, Tango Argentino, etc.

8.30pm classes, included with admission:
Upper level class with Tamara Bisceglia and Federico Paleo
Intermediate class with Jennifer Wesnousky
Beginners with Paul Pellicoro

midnight performance by Tamara Bisceglia and Federico Paleo

DJ Tine

more about our stars...

Tamara Bisceglia was born in Buenos Aires. She has toured world-wide teaching and dancing in the most important world tango festival (Portugal, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Greece, Korea, China, Singapore, Bali, Manila, Brunei, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Austria, Brasil, Colombia, etc). She also participated in the legendary show TANGO ARGENTINO with Roberto Herrera and has participated as a judge in many different tournaments as well. She created and Co-Directer with Laura Roatta ¨Inspiration Tango" company. Now she participates in the famous show FOREVER TANGO, and continue touring around the world.

Federico Paleo is a tango dancer/teacher from Buenos Aires. He is the director of a well-known tango school in Buenos Aires. He has been traveling with Miguel Angel Zotto's "Tango x 2" all over Europe in 2008 and 2009. He has also taken part in many festivals in Italy, Spain and Japan. When he is in Buenos Aires, he performs in different milongas and in the most important tango shows: Rojo Tango Hotel Faena, Esquina Carlos Gardel. Teaching he is very clear and generous giving information.